Saturday, February 7, 2009

A quick update

Let's see...

  • Been rather busy in recent months.
  • Started back to work with a small company that I've been involved with for close to a decade. It's nice... getting to work on everything from kernel level code through to shiny frontends. The negative side effect is that my awn dev time has been rather reduced.
  • My awn dev time has mostly been devoted to the rewrite branch side of things, though I have backported a large number of fixes to shinyswitcher, cairo-menu and places to trunk.
  • Yes a 0.3.2 release is imminent, seemingly largely lead by mhr3 but with contributions from quite a few others :-). See this and this.
  • After 0.3.2 I think it fair to say that attention will begin to focus heavily on 0.4... I'll try and write a bit more about that sometime soon.