Monday, August 24, 2009

Taskmanager, Disabling Icon Changes.

If you don't like apps marring your carefully chosen icons by trying to provide information, then it is possible to disable this behaviour. Making use of the disable_icon_changes key can keep the icon specified in the launcher's desktop file in place at all times (if there is no desktop file then the taskmanager will continue to use the icons provided by the application).

Taskmanager: Customizing Icons

So, A quick tour of the new Taskmanager Customize Icon feature.

A few notes:
1) Only available when desktop lookup has been successful or there is a Launcher. (The goal is for desktop lookup to work, so I'll treat failures as bugs instead of changing this requirement... at least for now).
2) Available through context menu. Taskmanager is diverging from the standard drag and drop an icon file mode. With good reasons, This will keep the drag and drop of files into a launcher sane (the application is invoked with those files).
3) I think icon issues should be dealt with in the installed icon theme. But as we know there are always egregiously ugly misses with icon themes and not everyone has the knowledge/time/rights/inclination to modify their chosen icon theme. So we have this.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taskmanager Window Grouping

Continuing with our little screencasting extravaganza here's a clip that demonstrates grouping behaviour with gnome terminal, OpenOffice and Gimp.

As an additional note the following have been pushed into Taskmanager in the last day;

1) Drag of files over windows (activating the window).
2) Drag and drog.
3) Customize Icons context menu item.

So you like your Taskmanager classic?

Continuing the demonstration of various configurations of 0.4 Taskmanager.

This is, more or less, the classic 0.[123].x behaviour. Next up, a closer look at grouping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

So You Don't Want Your Launcher to Manage Your Windows?

Assuming you don't want grouping, this is quite easily done in rewrite. Just set Match Strength to 0.

See the screencast below:

I'll be posting a series of screencasts showing specific configurations. Including grouping/non-grouping and a few other Taskmanager configurations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What are Your Thoughts on Taskmanager Behaviour?

I've started a topic on the awn forums about the rewrite taskmanager behaviour and configuration options. Well, we are all to well aware that a consensus is not likely to be reached on this topic we do would appreciate opinions and observations. We'd like to discover what features people like/use and what they don't. Feel free to share your preferred configuration.

We're looking for things that need to be tweaked and to determine what our default configuration should be for the 0.4 release. And obviously any bugs that are uncovered would be a useful.

So head over to the thread and give your opinion.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intellihide in awn

Implemented Intellihide in the Taskmanager applet today, making use of the new awn panel dbus interface to inhibit autohide as needed. At the moment it closely follows the documented behavior of Docky Intellihide as originally devised/implemented by our good buddy DBO. I believe the only variance is that awn checks all the open windows on the current workspace instead of only the focused application's windows. We may end up switching it to mimic the Docky behaviour after I've discussed it with other awn devs. My preference is obviously this way but, I probably won't end up using this feature in the long term so I'm rather easily swayed.

And here's the screencast.