Sunday, July 13, 2008

icons, icons, icons

So I've been working on awn-icons recently. The goal to provide a standardized way to change the icons used by applets (and eventually tasks/launchers).

I'm feeling lazy so I'l just point to a couple pages.

  1. Sharkbaitbobby has made a nice little write up that is of most use to python devs but is definitely worth reading for others.
  2. There's also a blueprint.
  • Clearing of configured icons.
  • Look into using this with the awn core taskmanager/launcher.
  • Convert more applets.
  • Hook up some signals so changes in icons get reflected in all awn-icons users immediately.


Anonymous said...


i am a big fan of the awn dock, but i am wondering how come we dont have the zoomish effect that both the osx dock and the cairo dock have. i really think thats the best implementation and i would love to have something like that! especially if the zoomed icons would be blured as they are now.

is there any reason you didnt put it in awn?


Anonymous said...

i meant wouldnt be blured.. of course :)

Mark said...

Moonbeam wrote a post about it a while back: