Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intellihide in awn

Implemented Intellihide in the Taskmanager applet today, making use of the new awn panel dbus interface to inhibit autohide as needed. At the moment it closely follows the documented behavior of Docky Intellihide as originally devised/implemented by our good buddy DBO. I believe the only variance is that awn checks all the open windows on the current workspace instead of only the focused application's windows. We may end up switching it to mimic the Docky behaviour after I've discussed it with other awn devs. My preference is obviously this way but, I probably won't end up using this feature in the long term so I'm rather easily swayed.

And here's the screencast.

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Leonard said...

Tonight a read a couple of your posts and watched the movies. Beautiful! Keep up the good work!