Saturday, November 6, 2010

Per dock/panel intellihide configuration in taskmanager.

Just mentioning... awn (taskmanager) now supports per dock/panel configuration of intellihide.


Dread Knight said...

That's cool.

Were can I find that wallpaper btw?

moonbeam said...

Dread Night:

It's just a webcam capture of my daughter's halloween pumpkin... so it's low res.

Dread Knight said...

Cheers, got it! =)

RĂ©mi BASCO said...

Hi !
Which version of AWN do you use to have the multi-dock capability ?
Thansks !

moonbeam said...

You need around rev 767+ of core if you want what I demonstrated above, basic multi-dock has been available in trunk for a few months previous to this.

If you're using Ubuntu you can just use the PPA at

Anonymous said...

Dear Moonbeam,
I don't know if you are at all an appropriate person to contact for this, but I have been trying to register at the planetblur awn forums and it will not let me create an account. Do you know where I can let the moderators know about this issue? (There is nowhere on the forums where I can post anonymously, and since I can't create an account, I can't let anyone know over there).
Sorry if you aren't the right person to talk to.