Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Generic HTML Applet

Life has decided to sneak up and pound me over the head with a large, heavy object recently... consequently I haven't gotten a lot done in awn land. And don't necessarily expect to accomplish much in the the next couple weeks.

That being said I have started some work on a generic HTML applet. In a fit of originality I have called it webapplet. It is in awn-extras but it will not build unless you use the --with-webkit configuration option. You will need to have webkitgtk installed as it is a webkit only beast at the moment. I also don't believe the configure script is checking for webkitgtk at the moment... I'll need to nicely ask malept to look into that for me.

Anyway, it's not doing a lot at the moment but it does have some ambitions:
  • Try to stem the proliferation of hundreds and thousands of individualized web applets :-)
  • Option of webkitgtk and/or gtkmozembed renderer. I will not add the gtkmozembed until after I am happy with the webkitgtk implementation.
  • Support for as many of the web widget formats as possible. And yes there is an intent to support Apple Dashboard widgets if possible.
  • Ability to easily configure it for new pages/widgets.
  • A collection pre-configured pages/widgets. I'm thinking stored in a keyfile backend. The goal is for the user to start up the configuration and be able to either choose from a selection of pre-configured options or add their easily own.
Anyway, just something I've been working on a bit when I've been in a coding mood. I'll post more as it progresses.

PS njpatel has been making a few interesting commits this weekend.

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